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Do you find yourself looking out at your garden with dismay, realising that the work is accumulating and you simply don’t have time to turn it into your dream garden? Gardeners can help. They offer a wide range of services and can help you to fully enjoy your outdoor space. Read on to find out what they do, how they can help, and the types of fees charged!

How much does it cost to hire a gardener?

The price that gardeners charge depends on the individual and the service needed. However, most gardeners expect to earn at least £150 a day which works out to between £20 and £40 per hour. The following table shows the different ways gardeners charge for their services. Below we will explain what can affect the price that you pay for a gardener.

Charge Type

Services offered and price reasoning

Minimum call-out charge
  • A gardener may have to travel many times during the day, and it may not be cost-effective for them to do the work, which is why this charge exists
  • If they charge by the hour (rather than a fixed price), this is often equivalent to 2 hour’s work
Fixed prices
  • Gardeners may offer a fixed rate if you only need one specific service (like the lawn being cut)
  • This is not necessarily in relation to their hourly rate since fixed prices will differ according to the circumstances
Hourly rates
  • Many gardeners offer hourly rates for the services they offer, though not all of them under all circumstances
  • Rates may differ for services involving manual tools vs petrol tools (their running costs are different, and tasks will be completed more quickly with power tools)

Find the right gardener at the right price

Gardeners offer a variety of services at different prices, based on many factors. This can make it difficult to decide which to choose, and it can be time consuming to compare them by talking to them one by one. The hassle-free way to compare local gardeners is to take a minute to enter some details into the secure e-form, and get up to 5 quotes in under 2 working days. This will enable you to save time and money with all the information at your disposal!


What will affect the price you pay for gardening services?

  • Regional differences – central London will be more expensive than rural Hertfordshire
  • Danger levels – the riskier the task, the more they may charge
  • Waste removal/chemical application – special licenses are needed so you may be charged more for these services
  • Gardener experience level – they may work faster and charge more, but more experienced gardeners will provide superior services and are less likely to make mistakes
  • Professional tools usage – these make for better work but higher prices

It is important to know that the expenses incurred by gardeners are very high, and that the work they engage in is highly labour intensive, not to mention dangerous. This is crucial to consider when considering the prices quoted by your gardener.

Make sure that you compare gardeners’ services fairly, ask them about their experience, insurance, the tools they use as well as the licenses and qualifications that they hold. With all of this information at your disposal, you will be able to make a good assessment of the quality of work they will provide.

What do gardeners do?

Before hiring a gardener, it is important to know how they can help you and what is out of their area of expertise. Here we explain the services they offer, how to determine their level of expertise and the difference between a landscaper, farmer, horticulturist and gardeners.


What services do they offer?

There are many different services that your gardener will be able to offer you, though each professional has their own area of expertise. For instance, one gardener may specialise in lawn control and perform regular lawn maintenance for many different clients, while another may do more seasonal work like pruning, planting and general cleaning up.

It is important to have a conversation about this with your gardener so that you know what you can expect from them. It can also be very useful to seek out the right gardener to tend to your specific need.

In the following table you will find the different services gardeners offer according to service type.

Type of garden service

Specific services associated

General garden maintenance
  • Tidying
  • Jet washing
  • Sourcing and supplying
  • Gutter cleaning
  • Waste removal (special license required)
  • Feature maintenance
Lawn care
  • Lawn mowing
  • Lawn strimming
  • Lawn/meadow mowing (ride-on mower required)
  • Lawn/meadow strimming (ride-on mower required)
Border work
  • Hedge cutting
  • Hedge trimming (up to 6 feet/over 6 feet)
  • Border care
  • Mulching
  • Laying decorative bark on borders
"Soft" landscaping
  • Turfing
  • Installing raised planters
  • Fencing
  • Shed and fencing repairs
  • Decking
  • Laying ornamental gravel paths
Plant care
  • Vegetable tending
  • Applying feeds and pesticides (special license required)
  • Weeding
  • Pruning
  • Planting
  • Garden consulting
  • Advice
  • Coaching

It is important to discuss with your gardener what kind of gardening services you require so that they will be able to offer you what you desire. Here are some important considerations:

  • Do you need one-off or regular maintenance?
  • Will the work require special tools?
  • Will you be sourcing the materials or plants yourself?

Also make sure to clarify in great detail with your gardener exactly what it is you want done. Sometimes we use the same words to describe different things (one person’s weed is another person’s delicate flower!), so the more information you can provide the better. Perhaps you want low-maintenance plants, or you’re looking to revitalise your lawn! Communicate your needs effectively to get your best ever garden.

What level of expertise do they have?

How can you determine the level of expertise of your gardener? There are several ways. Ask them:

  • How many years they have been in the business, and the type of gardening they specialise in
  • What qualifications they have
  • If they are a member of The Gardener’s Guild (they must have at least one horticultural qualification in order to join)
  • Whether they have any special licenses (for instance to carry waste or to apply fertilisers or chemicals)
  • If they have been DBS checked (this may be useful if they are to be working around children or the elderly)
  • About their insurance – they should be fully covered in the event of an accident


What’s the difference between a landscaper and a gardener?

A landscaper will offer garden design services like paving, installing patios and decking, fences and turfing. They are like a mix between an outdoors architect and builder. Gardeners, on the other hand, specialise in plant care. Some gardeners will offer “soft” landscaping services like mulching, creating flower borders, applying decorative gravel etc. However, if you want bigger work done, like installing driveways, patios, walls (outdoor building work) then you need a landscaper. A gardener can also help you design a garden though their expertise lies in plants.

What’s the difference between a farmer and a gardener?

Farmers own land and cultivate it in order to generate a profit (either from selling crops or animal husbandry). Gardeners cultivate other people’s land and charge fees for their expertise in this area.

What’s the difference between a horticulturist and a gardener?

A horticulturist works and researches in the disciplines of gardening and landscaping, plant propagation and cultivation, crop production, plant breeding and genetic engineering, plant biochemistry and plant physiology. Horticulturalists are generally more geared towards the research and consulting fields, whereas gardeners tend to be more hands on. It is common, however, for gardeners to have received education in the field of horticulture. They may be able to consult with you on that basis if that is the case.

When should you hire a gardener instead of a landscaper?

If you are happy with the general layout of your garden (or it only requires some light work to be perfect), and you are more interested in maintenance and plant care, a gardener is for you. On the other hand, if you want a complete remodel of your garden, you may require the services of a landscaper.


What are the benefits of hiring a gardener?

  • A gardener has the expertise to achieve your goals in a cost-effective and intelligent manner
  • They will also be able to advise you as to your future maintenance needs
  • They will save you the time and effort of researching, sourcing and carrying out the work
  • Gardeners will carry out the work safely
  • Your gardener having all the details in mind will save you hassle and avoid future problems

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