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It isn’t always easy to find tradesmen for home improvement jobs – this is as true for glazing experts as for gardening companies. Here, we give you all the tools you need to secure the gardener who will bring you the most joy and satisfaction out of your garden!

Which gardening companies are best for you?

When you begin your journey towards hiring a new gardener, what are the most important questions to ask them to make sure they are the right one for you? Here are some suggestions of questions to ask prospective gardening companies:

  • How long have they been in the business?
  • How much time, on average, does the job you need doing take for them to complete?
  • Can you see any examples of recent work?
  • What is their area of expertise, and does this mesh with your wishes?
  • What kind of maintenance do they tend to carry out after the job is done?
  • Do they charge extra for travel fees?
  • What can you expect throughout your entire time working with them?

By asking prospective gardeners questions along these lines, you will make sure to not be surprised as you work with them. You will end up satisfied since your expectations are more likely to match reality!

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Which gardening companies will save you money?

No-one wants to pay more than necessary for routine maintenance or for those big, life-changing, garden re-imagining jobs. But it can be difficult to know how to find the best deal around, especially since the way gardening companies calculate their costs can vary wildly. Here are the steps to follow to ensure you get the best possible price for your gardening job:

  • Have a long, hard think

What exactly do you want? This can be the most laborious and time-consuming part of the process…

  • Take your time

Don’t rush! Take plenty of time to consider all of your options carefully.

  • DIY what you can

What do you want to, or are capable of doing yourself? This could potentially save you lots of money.

  • Do lots of research

Research your materials, plants, weather patterns, etc.

  • Gather multiple quotes

Once you know exactly what you want, get lots and lots of quotes!

  • Compare them carefully

Compare the companies whose quotes you received and try to determine how they calculate costs.

  • Ask lots of questions

Ask all of the relevant questions to your favorite 2 or 3 gardeners.

  • Get a detailed plan

Ask them to give you as much of a detailed plan as possible, so you know what to expect.

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  • Have a cooling-off period

After the discussion and assessment, take a couple of days to a week to think if this is perfect for you.

  • Maintain your relationship

Once you’ve made your decision (yay!) it’s time to keep a positive relationship going with your tradesman.

Find your ideal gardening company in a click

The easiest and best way to find your dream gardener, without following every single step mentioned above to the letter, is to compare lots of quotes. This way you will get an idea of the prices in your area, so you can assess your situation accurately. Compare up to 5 quotes from local gardening companies by clicking here. You can compare their profiles and reviews, helping you to choose the gardener who will change your outdoor life for the better!

The benefits of gathering lots of quotes

Your number one safest bet to getting your perfect gardening company is to gather multiple quotes. Here is the list of reasons why you will benefit from this one specific step the most. You will:

  • Save money by discovering the best offer around

By comparing at least three quotes, you will be able to assess which gardening companies cost the most money compared to other companies. You will need a minimum of 3 quotes in order to do this, to see if there are any outliers, or if they all offer similar price points.

  • Be able to ask many questions to find out about what they offer and their expertise

This is also your ideal moment to find out why a certain company charges more or less, compared to similar companies. Just because one company charges a lot more than others doesn’t mean it’s overpriced. Perhaps they offer a bespoke or extensive service – ask them to find out.

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  • Become an expert and avoid predatory sales techniques

We can be afraid of “rogue” tradesmen and possible predatory sales techniques. While the gardeners we work with at GetaGardener.co.uk have been carefully vetted, this is good advice in general. By gathering lots of quotes and information, you will be best equipped to counter any arguments made by tradesmen that may not be in your best interests.

  • Compare their customer service approach and choose accordingly

This is one of the least-well-known advantages of comparing lots of quotes – you will be able to witness first-hand how gardening companies talk to their customers. The format and tone of the quotes you receive could tell you a lot about a company – so you can find the one you prefer.

Get up to 5 quotes quickly and easily

Now you’re ready to compare quotes and find which one of the gardening companies in your area will be the best fit for your requirements. Get up to 5 quotes from trusted gardeners in a couple of minutes. Compare not only their quotes but also the reviews other customers have left them – you will be well on your way to finding the perfect garden expert!

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