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Landscape Gardening

What if you could enjoy your garden year-round, from the comfort of your home or the comfort of your new outdoor space! You can, and it doesn’t have to break the bank. You can get professional services to help you achieve your garden dreams with the click of a button. Read on to find out more!

How much does landscape gardening cost?

How long is a piece of string? It’s not easy to estimate how much landscape gardening will cost when the price you pay depends on any number of factors, including but not limited to:

  • Where you live
  • The size of your garden
  • The current state of your garden
  • How much work you envisage
  • The kind of job you want doing

landscape gardening

On average, a landscape gardening job to re-do a whole garden will cost over £10,000 but you can get a lot done for half that price if you choose your jobs carefully – which to outsource and which to do yourself. Here are the average prices for various jobs that landscape gardeners do:

Landscaping service

Estimated price

Installing raised planters (if the area is already laid to lawn)£200 - £700
Fencing (when the service includes price of labour plus materials)£600 - £900
Decking (to build a decked area that is already flat and laid to lawn)£850 - £1,100
Laying ornamental gravel paths£200 - £600

What are the benefits of garden landscapers?

While completing garden and home projects by yourself can be a fun and engaging thing to do, it can also be stressful and time-consuming. This is especially true when you lack things like qualifications, experience, and expertise to get them done. These are some of the benefits that landscape gardeners can provide:

  • Experience

The best question to ask prospective landscape gardeners is “how long have you been doing this job for?”. The second best question is “what is your area of expertise in landscape gardening?”. Getting the answers to these queries will tell you a lot about the quality of work you can expect, as well as the area the professional will best perform in. You may want to employ an expert horticulturalist for one area of your garden, and a construction specialist for your patio. Ask these questions and get the best out of your hired professionals!

landscape gardening

  • Qualifications

While it is not a strict requirement that a landscape gardener has qualifications to get the job done – experience is of the utmost importance here – depending on the project you want doing, you may want to look for one that does have a specific qualification. Often this would be in horticulture. A horticulturalist will be able to advise you on your planting and maintenance strategy with great precision. Ask your gardener which qualifications they have, to see which area they would be best suited advising you in.

  • Knowledge

As a lay person, outside of the industry, you may not know about the latest and greatest trends in materials or design when it comes to your garden. And no, browsing Pinterest does not count as research. While you may come to the table with plenty of ideas and inspiration, only a professional will be able to assess your situation objectively and tell you what will work and what, frankly, will not. Find a landscape gardener you trust and discuss your ideas freely with them.

These three things are extremely important to your project being carried out in a cost and time-effective way.

Hire a local landscape gardener and gain valuable expertise!

If you are dead-set on doing a lot of the landscape gardening yourself, that is totally fine, and can be done in conjunction with a professional’s’ advice! They will have local expertise regarding the annual outdoor conditions in your particular location, so could save you headaches in the long run. Get up to 5 quotes from local gardeners by clicking here, and compare their profiles and reviews to find your ideal professional to work with!

landscape gardening

How to do landscape gardening?

You might be wondering, what exactly do landscape gardeners do? How are they different from gardeners? Landscape gardeners combine the best of both worlds – they are experienced in overseeing construction projects from beginning to end as well as having the plant expertise to afford you the type of garden you want. Find out more about landscaping and gardening in our dedicated articles:


Landscapers, in particular, will be able to turn your wishes into reality with their specific skill set which includes:

  • Providing estimates
  • Calculating costs
  • Understanding your requirements
  • Project management
  • Garden design
  • Supplying tools, materials, and plants
  • Preparing the ground or foundations
  • Turfing and seeding
  • Plant maintenance
  • Planting
  • Installing features
  • Advising
  • Providing an aftercare plan

The depth and breadth of service offered by a landscape gardener vary according to the number of years they have been in business and their particular specialisation. Make sure to shop around and find the right landscape gardener for you, who will be able to do the best possible version of your dream project.

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landscape gardening