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Garden Design

It takes more to design a garden than you might think, and certainly can cost a pretty penny. In this article, read about how much garden design could cost, what factors into these costs and how you could reduce them, gaining maximum value on your home. Enjoy your garden the way you want with a well-designed garden!

How much does garden design cost?

There are many ways that garden design prices are determined, so we have broken it down into a few categories in our helpful table:

Cost type


Per square metre£30 - £150
Per hour£50 - £200
Percentage of the work to be done5-15%
Per day (for the design)£250 - £750
Purely the design and planning - not including implementation £500 - £1,800
Overall price£5,000 - £50,000

Note that these are average prices that do not include VAT.

To clarify about the final price point, it is difficult to design even a relatively small and simple garden design for less than £5,000-£7,000. This is due to the mounting fees that include:

  • Design fees
  • Materials
  • Plants
  • Employing contractors

In general, new garden designs cost more than £10,000 for a smaller garden. For a more spacious one, you could be looking at between £15,000 and £25,000. From there, it goes upwards the more features and hard landscaping you add on.

garden design

Factors that influence your budget:

  • Landscaping and structures

If you enjoy hard stone paths, patios, trellises, and archways, your garden design will cost more. The price is driven up even further with the addition of fences and fountains.

  • Quality

This includes the types of materials and plants you use, where they are sourced, and the level of workmanship the contractor(s) have.

  • Condition of the site

Unfortunately, us Brits fall short here, as a damp garden will cost 50% more to redesign than a dry one.

  • Access

If you only have a narrow pathway leading from the road to your garden, builders might not be able to use machinery that could greatly reduce the time the works take to complete, so take this into consideration.

  • Demolition and site clearance

These services can cost a lot. This is particularly true if access is not easy, and there is much work that the contractors will do by hand. For poor access and lots of clearance, you could be forking out £1,500-£2,000.

Compare and save on your garden design

Garden design is a costly project to undertake but will offer you a fantastic return on your investment over time, just as a renovated kitchen and bathroom would. Keep upfront costs as low as you can to make sure this return benefits you as much as possible. The way to do this is to compare quotes – which you can do quickly and easily by clicking here. These obligation-free quotes will allow you to gain peace of mind and get the best deal possible on your new garden!

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What is garden design?

Garden design is similar to landscape design. While they are sometimes confused and the terms are used interchangeably, they are slightly different. Landscape designers generally work on larger scale projects than garden designers. They also have more expertise in terms of the groundwork and building. Garden designers may outsource this work and be more focused on the aesthetics of a small area and may be plant experts. If you are looking to re-do a smaller outdoor space, you will need a garden designer. They may enlist the help of a landscaper but not necessarily.

The benefits of garden designs

You may be wondering if getting someone to design a garden for you is worth it for you, so consider the following benefits before taking the proverbial plunge:

  • Increased value in your home

Just as a shoddy garden will decrease the value in your home, a well-designed garden will definitely add value that everyone will be able to appreciate. You could add 12-15%, and along with interior renovations will absolutely maximise any appraisals on your home. While this is an expensive project to undertake, think of it as a new bathroom, kitchen or conservatory.

  • Benefit from tons of expertise

An expert garden designer will know which plants to choose that will exaggerate the potential of your garden by making sure they survive and bloom when you want colour. They may have ideas about things you didn’t think about like lighting, seating, and sound. Garden designers can produce 3D renderings which are extremely valuable to have because you can get a clear picture of your future garden.

garden designs

  • Enjoy your garden your way

Garden designers will listen to what you want, need and aspire for in a garden. Whether it’s for relaxing, gardening, eating, playing or all of the above, they will be able to give you a garden that encompasses all of your needs. A designer will even write out a planting plan for you to implement yourself. This way you will avoid over-planting and you can garden knowing you will have beautiful beds all year round. You will also be encouraged to spend more time outside and take in the sun and vitamin D when the summer rolls around!

  • Eliminate worries

Designing a garden yourself, while possible, can be difficult as you discover all of the elements that go into it. When you hire a designer to do it, you can simply brief them, receive the design and then get your dream garden without doing all the legwork yourself. You could also avoid over-doing it on garden maintenance in the future by asking for a low-maintenance garden, so you won’t have to hire more garden services!

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