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Garden Services

Do you know what gardening services your gardener could offer you? You might be surprised to find out all the things they can help you with… Read on to discover everything to do with garden services and how you can get your best garden ever!

How much do gardening services cost?

Garden services cost a minimum £15 an hour but are more likely to fall anywhere between £20 and £40 depending on the gardening service, since gardeners aim to earn around £150 per day.

General maintenance prices

Generally, these garden services are charged for by the hour, and the price you pay will vary on the size of your garden and on the area you live in. London garden service prices will be a lot higher than elsewhere.

As an estimate, a 20 by 13-foot garden would cost on average £150 to maintain in an afternoon, say.

However, a 25 by 20-foot garden would cost around £200 and may take a whole day to maintain.

For a big garden, say 40 by 25 feet, the gardening services associated with maintaining it could be £300 and take a day or two to complete. These services include:

garden services

If you are looking for general garden maintenance, you can expect to pay between £40 and £90 per week depending on the level of care you need. This is less if it’s simply lawn care. Regular lawn maintenance is usually around £30 per week but can be higher if your garden is bigger. If it is very large you may require a gardener with a sit-on lawn-mower, which will increase the costs of the service.

Other gardening services can be billed by the hour under “general services” include:

  • Vegetable tending
  • Applying feeds and pesticides (special license required)
  • Weeding
  • Pruning
  • Planting
  • Garden consulting
  • Advice
  • Coaching
  • Hedge cutting
  • Hedge trimming (up to 6 feet/over 6 feet)
  • Border care
  • Mulching
  • Laying decorative bark on borders

The prices you pay for these gardening services will depend on the level of expertise needed to complete the job, the sourcing and supplying of equipment and materials, as well as the area you live in.

Save money on gardening services

How can you save time and money on your much-needed garden services? The best thing to do is to talk to those that are in the know – and see how they could help you! Compare local gardening service providers by entering some information in our secure e-form, then receive up to 5 quotes within 48 hours. These obligation-free quotes will help you to make the right decision.

“Soft” landscaping prices

These kinds of jobs are usually billed by the job rather than by the hour since the time they take to complete can greatly vary. Often they are billed according to square meterage that needs covering and prices for installation only can vary from as low as £30 to £50 per square metre. However, if you need the materials and products also, prices will be nearer the £100-£150 mark.

Other “soft” landscaping services and their prices can be estimated as follows:

Landscaping service

Estimated price

Installing raised planters (if the area is already laid to lawn)£200 - £700
Fencing (when the service includes price of labour plus materials)£600 - £900
Decking (to build a decked area that is already flat and laid to lawn)£850 - £1,100
Laying ornamental gravel paths£200 - £600

gardening services

What are garden services?

There are many different garden services that a gardening professional will be able to provide for you. Here we break down these services into categories and briefly describe what each one entails.

General maintenance

  • Tidying

Picking up and gathering debris, clearing leaves, organising tools, etc…

  • Jet washing

Perfect for patios and decking that have become a little green.

  • Sourcing and supplying

Let the gardener find your ideal plants and appropriate fertilisers.

  • Gutter cleaning

This dangerous and dirty job is best done by a professional.

  • Waste removal

A special license may be required.

  • Feature maintenance

If you have a fountain or other feature, ask your gardener what can be done to spruce it up.

Lawn care

  • Lawn mowing (a regularly cut lawn looks miles better than one that’s left to sit)
  • Strimming (don’t invest in a strimmer if you only need the borders doing every once in a while)
  • Lawn/meadow mowing (ride-on mower required)
  • Lawn/meadow strimming (ride-on mower required)

garden services

Border work

  • Hedge cutting (if your hedge hasn’t been trimmed in a while, it may need a good cut back)
  • Hedge trimming (up to 6 feet – over 6 feet requires special equipment)
  • Border care (can involve some digging, strimming, designing the border, etc…)
  • Mulching (adding a protective layer on the soil – made of compost, grass clippings, leaves or straw)
  • Laying decorative bark on borders (it can serve as mulch, bark is often more decorative)

“Soft” landscaping

  • Turfing (adding grass onto soil to form a lawn – requires special preparation and application)
  • Installing raised planters (an experienced gardener can put these together and install them)
  • Fencing (whether you want complete privacy or just a separation, your gardener can set up fencing for you)
  • Shed and fencing repairs (professionals will do a faster and more durable job at repairing damaged wooden structures)
  • Decking (experienced gardeners will install decking without mistakes although it is a tricky job)
  • Laying ornamental gravel paths (ask your gardener which may suit best if you’re not sure)

Plant care

  • Vegetable tending (for those busy weeks where you want to reap the benefits of your garden as well as the weather!)
  • Applying feeds and pesticides (special license required)
  • Weeding (take care of the fun aspects of gardening, making your gardener do the weeding)
  • Pruning (professionals will best know when and how to do this to ensure plant health and growth)
  • Planting (different plants need different planting times and conditions – ask your gardener or have them do the planting for you)


  • Garden consulting (at times, experienced gardeners will offer purely consultory services if you want to do everything yourself but need a local professional’s opinion)
  • Advice (even if your gardener is just cutting your lawn, they may be able to advise you on things like which plants could work best for your garden)
  • Coaching (other gardeners will coach you, with you actually doing the gardening work and them helping you along the way)

gardening services

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