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Gardening is a fun hobby for many, whilst others would rather kick back and enjoy the fruits of someone else’s labor. Fair enough! But you don’t have to fork out an arm and a leg to have an enjoyable garden. Here’s how much gardeners tend to cost on the cheaper side of things and our tips on how you could reduce costs!

How much do cheap gardeners cost?

Gardeners will a minimum of £15 an hour though in most cases the price is between £20 and £40. They charge this amount to cover their fees, travel, materials and training. Even cheap gardeners generally aim to earn £150 a day, so don’t expect to get a full day of work for any less than that.

The price you pay for gardening services depends on:

  • Where you live
  • What you need doing
  • How risky the job is
  • How many tools they need

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If you want regular gardening services you could set a regular payment plan with your gardener which start from £30 for lawn maintenance. This will increase according to the complexity of the maintenance jobs you need doing. Find out more about how costs are calculated in these articles:


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Garden Maintenance

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How can you find the best cheap gardener?

It’s not the easiest thing in the world to find trustworthy local tradesmen. This is why we have compiled this list to help you to find a gardener who will fulfill all of your garden dreams. Here are our top tips for finding cheap gardeners:

  • Go local

Local gardeners = cheap gardeners. Yes, they are much more likely to be able to offer you the best deal for their services. This is partly due to the fact that gardeners must charge for travel costs, which are reduced when they don’t have to go very far!

Local gardeners may also be able to offer special discounts that those working for national companies may not. These could include discounts for locally sourced materials, reduced travel costs or recurring monthly costs at a lower rate. Not only will you be able to find the best prices this way, you will also reap other benefits – local gardeners know your area very well and so know the weather and soil conditions like the back of their hand. Their high level of localised expertise could really come in handy!

  • Develop a relationship

Having a good relationship with a gardener can be a game changer for your household. When you trust and respect each other, your garden will flourish because they will put their undivided attention into making sure it looks its best. Plus, they may be more likely to come to you first if a storm or other destructive force leaves your garden in desperate need of clearing up.

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Not to mention the potential savings! If you become a regular client gardeners will be in a better position to offer you special discounts, so think about this before changing gardener on a whim.

  • Find a specialist

When you can find out what specialty really tickles a certain gardener’s fancy,  you may be onto a winning combination. Even cheap gardeners are known for doing their craft out of love and creativity and adoring their job. If you are able to tap into this part of their drive to do the job, you may get a better quality job for the same price.

Talk to your gardener about what they think would be best, and what their area of expertise is. This way you will ensure you get the best possible job done and could save you money. If they work faster – enjoying themselves all the while – you will save on hourly fees!

  • Ask where you can contribute

Now, this may be a little cheeky – don’t try this with just anyone, try to develop a friendship first – but ask your gardener where you might be able to help them out for a little discount! Now it may be that you hired them to do the work you didn’t want to do in the first place and that’s fine, but perhaps you wouldn’t mind doing certain things.

cheap gardeners

Plus, if you do have a good relationship with them, they might be happy for you to tag along. This way you can help them out and learn something along the way! This might not always come with a discount. However, learning those skills could help you to reduce your gardener needs down the line.

  • Source your own materials

You can ask, and see where you might be able to offer a helping hand. On top of this, ask your gardener where he gets his plants, soil, peat and other materials needed for the job. Generally speaking, cheap gardeners in particular will be sourcing their materials from places inaccessible to you and will be getting the best prices for those.

However, you can always ask the question! How much did they spend on your new bulbs? How about that pot with the dahlias? See if you can find more affordable versions. Suggest your gardener use those next time, again, if you have a good relationship with them.

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