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Garden Ideas

Have you been scratching your head to come up with ideas for your garden? Look no further! Find ideas for your small garden so that it works for you and your budget. The garden of your dreams is at arm’s reach if you know where to start.

Garden ideas: cheap and cheerful!

Are you looking for garden ideas on a budget? There are plenty of inexpensive garden ideas around so you can play around with your garden without emptying your pockets completely. So what are you waiting for? Get your trowel and gloves out this weekend, and start revamping your garden!

  • Spread rocks, not seeds

Lawns are terribly expensive and time-consuming to maintain, and time is the most precious resource we have! Stone or gravelled gardens filled with potted plants are a great alternative to a lawn-covered area.

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  • Do your own decor

Garden designers can be expensive to hire. Take your time with garden design and decoration, and try to do it bit by bit. This way the whole job will be less daunting and you will slowly but surely decorate your whole garden without having to hire a designer! However you should know in advance that decorating it by yourself is a long process and results won’t come overnight.

  • Deck it out your way

Having a deck will increase the chances of you spending time in your garden since you can set up furniture and some plants, without feeling the pressure of having to cover everything with green, which will then need watering and maintaining. Consider decking as a low-maintenance alternative that could save you money on this in the future.

  • Reuse, recycle and relax

When thinking about how to decorate or improve your garden, look at what you have hanging around and see if you could re-use it for a different purpose. Old pallets or baskets are great as DIY planters or beds, and are a fun weekend project too!

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Garden ideas for a small space

What can you do with a small garden? Here are some ideas for a small garden that could help you to maximise the space you have!

  • Use borders wisely

Make sure you make the most out of your borders, perhaps adding high grasses or plants to give textural and height variety, helping to distract the eye. Consider a plant wall on one side if your garden is super small, to maximise your growing space!

  • Hang some mirrors

Using one or multiple mirrors is a fantastic way of artificially widening the space available in your garden. It will reflect light and add some interest to an unloved area very easily. You can style this mirror according to your own style with shutters, borders or frames.

  • Suspend your plants

Hanging baskets make a fantastic addition to a small garden, and you can alternate the heights you hang them at for some visual variety. Hanging plants will add even more interest, so consider succulents that will hang over the edge of the suspended basket.

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Ecological garden design ideas

It behooves all of us to take care of our surroundings, and that can start with the humble back garden if you know where to begin! Here are three tips for being a more eco-conscious garden owner.

  • Choose non-thirsty plants

These days, there are plenty of inspirational garden ideas going around, but many of them require a lot of maintenance, pesticides and/or water. To avoid this, try to plant a low-water garden! Choose stone paving and gravel over grass, for instance. Having gravel rather than a lawn could save you a lot of watering in the future.

  • Choose wisely

From the materials to the plants you choose, you can consider the ecological impact of your purchases. It is a good idea to go for native plants over exotic alternatives, so in the UK that means choosing flowers like cheddar pink, primroses, lilies of the valley and wood anemones. Research local materials to reduce the carbon footprint of your new and improved garden!

garden ideas

  • Reuse wooden pallets

Pinterest is full of inspiration for using wooden pallets in the garden, and they represent an ecological alternative to plastic pots or metal raised beds. Pallets can be used to create DIY versions of both of these things, saving you money and reducing your consumption of artificial materials.

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