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Gardening Tips

Are you a gardening expert or a newcomer to the hobby? Whatever your level of expertise, it’s a good idea to get some refreshing tips that could change your perspective on your gardening practices. Here, find gardening tips for every month of the year, and some ways to save time, money and hassle in the garden!

Most popular gardening tips:

Whether you’re an eco-freak, full-time prepper, lazy Susan or a self-helper, we have gardening tips that will help to make your garden a haven of relaxing fun time – not a waste of your precious time. After that, you’ll find a chart with top gardening tips for each season.


  • Reuse water used for cooking vegetables to fertilise and water your plants
  • Use coffee and tea grounds to acidify the soil of plants that enjoy an acid soil (azaleas, gardenias, and rhododendrons are the most popular)

gardening tips

  • Cut plastic bottles in half down the middle to turn them into mini-greenhouses

Prepare, prepare, prepare:

  • Look up your “hardiness zone” and research your area’s soil composition and weather so you can prepare for the first and last frosts, as well as creating your gardening calendar
  • Perennials take time to mature – up to 3 years. Be patient!
  • Analyse your soil, determine its quality and choose your plants accordingly – this will save you money and heartache in the long-term

gardening tips

Quick & easy:

  • Lay your herbs on newspaper on the seat of your car, and close the car up. The herbs will dry in no time, and your car will smell fantastic!
  • Save time on measuring by marking distances onto your long-handled tools
  • Do a little bit of pruning every day so your plants don’t get out of hand – this could save you a lot of bulk work in the future

gardening tips

Help yourself:

  • Fill pots halfway with polystyrene covered with landscaping fabric before covering that with soil and planting. This way they will weigh less and can be moved easily
  • To prevent plants from taking over your garden, plant them in pots in the ground, cutting the bottom out so the roots grow down
  • Train your vines onto a trellis or a fence to save on space and time (no faffing around on the ground rummaging through leaves)
  • Repel insects by planting onions, garlic, chives and chrysanthemums around the edges of your garden

Create a better garden for the future:

  • Spread compost on your lawn a few days before planting to let it integrate and stabilise
  • Keep a “garden diary” so you can remember what works and what doesn’t, and you can also jot down names of plants you’d like to try growing in the future
  • Do proper maintenance – it pays dividends to do consistent garden maintenance

gardening tips

How much does garden maintenance cost?

Good question! It depends on many factors – which are outlined in our gardener article. In short, where you live, the condition and size of your garden all factor into the price of garden maintenance for you. In the following table, we break down the average prices for garden maintenance throughout the UK.

Job needed

Average Price

Turfing (50m²)£750 - £1,000
Having artificial grass installed (per m)£60 - £75
Pruning (large tree)£450 - £850
Laying a patio£1,750 - £2,600
Erecting a garden fence£900 - £1,200
Having budget decking installed£1,100 - £1,500
Having premium decking installed£2,500 - £3,250

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gardening tips

Seasonal Gardening tips:

Gardening is a year-round commitment, and it can be tough to figure out what you need to do throughout the year. This is why we put together this helpful table!

Whether you’re looking for gardening tips for autumn and winter, the following table has everything you need.


To do

  • Recycle the Christmas tree by shredding it into mulch
  • Ventilate your greenhouse on bright days
  • Dig over vacant plots
  • Spread worm casts on your lawns
  • Inspect stored tubers of Dahlia, Begonia and Canna in case they have rotted or dried out
  • Prune winter-flowering shrubs (the ones that aren’t flowering anymore)
  • Prepare vegetable seed beds, and sow some veggies (covered!)
  • Add protection to apricot, peach and nectarine blossoms
  • Put netting around fruit and veggies to keep birds away
  • Put crushed eggshells around new spring shoots to protect them from slugs
  • Divide clumps of perennials that have outgrown their space
  • Put fresh compost on the top of your containers
  • Plant shallots, onions and early potatoes
  • Plant bulbs that flower in the summer
  • Start to do some weed control
  • Sow hardy annuals and herbs
  • Make sure fruit blossoms are protected from late frosts
  • Tie in climbing and rambling roses
  • Collect rainwater and find a way to recycle water for irrigation
  • Earth up potatoes, and plant any that remain
  • Plant out summer bedding at the end of the month (except in cold areas)
  • Be careful with late frosts. Protect the most tender plants
  • Hoe off weeds on a regular basis
  • Pinch out sideshoots on tomato plants
  • Harvest salads and early potatoes
  • Hoe borders weekly to keep down weeds
  • Watch out how much water you use
  • Put hanging baskets and containers outside
  • Water tubs and new plants if dry, but be water-wise
  • Check clematis plants for signs of wilt
  • Harvest courgettes before they become marrows
  • Organise someone to take care of your houseplants while on holiday
  • Deadhead bedding plants and repeat-flowering perennials, to make sure you get continuous flowering
  • Deadhead flowering plants regularly
  • Don’t fall back on watering - particularly containers and new plants, preferably with grey recycled water or stored rainwater
  • Prune your Wisteria
  • Don’t delay summer pruning
  • Collect seeds from your favourite plants
  • Divide herbaceous perennials
  • Harvest autumn raspberries
  • Dig up potatoes that remain before the slugs get them
  • Put nets over ponds before leaves start falling
  • Collect and sow seed from perennials and hardy annual plants
  • Cut back the perennials that have died down
  • Plant spring cabbages
  • Move tender plants (including aquatic plants), into your greenhouse
  • Clear up leaves - especially from lawns, ponds and beds
  • Prune roses
  • Plant your winter beds
  • Raise containers onto pot feet so they don’t get waterlogged
  • Plant tulip bulbs
  • Make sure your winter protection structures are still in place
  • Check that your greenhouse heaters are functional
  • Prune acers, birches and vines before Christmas so they don’t bleed
  • Make sure your ponds and stand pipes don’t freeze
  • Prune open-grown apples and pears (but not those trained against walls)

gardening tip

Gardening tips for beginners

If you’re just starting out, don’t sweat it! We have some gardening tips and tricks for those of you that don’t know your trowel from your hoe, and are just starting out.

  • Choose easy plants, to begin with like sunflowers, roses, clematis vines, dahlias and petunias
  • Start with container gardening – it’s much easier, and you can make sure your soil is fertile this way. Plus you’re less likely to get weeds, and you can always have a larger garden next year
  • Start your seedlings inside – they’ll be hardier and the sprouting rate is better when done inside in stable conditions

gardening tips

  • Think about the location of your plants – some will need more sun than others so do your research before deciding on placement
  • Don’t over-water, under-watering is better since a dry plant can be revived but a drown plant is more difficult
  • Be patient and don’t give up too easily – it may take some work to get to where you want to be, but with so many factors at play, you probably won’t get it right the first time, and that’s okay

gardening tips

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