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Garden Plants

Are you starting your journey to a gorgeous garden? If you don’t know your ferns from your ficus, it’s time to start doing some research. Read on for price information, how to identify plants and some advice on when to water your plants.

How much do garden plants cost?

Depending on the plants, prices can vary from as little as £2 to hundreds of pounds for trees cultivated over months and years.

garden plants

Here are average prices for different plant types:

  • Heather (£2 – £10)
  • Shrubs (£4 – £15)
  • Succulents (£3 – £20)
  • Flowering plants (£3 – £80)
  • Trees (£3 – £60)

These are simply guides – actual costs may vary. This is especially true when you hire a gardener. Professionals have their own sources generally, and could save you a lot on the cost of garden plants.

Get in touch with a gardener for all your garden plant queries

A professional gardener has all of the literal and figurative tools at his disposal to help you through the process of sourcing and purchasing garden plants. This is why, if you’re wondering what to do, it will help you a lot to talk to one. A gardener can set you down the path to gardening glory, so get in touch with up to 5 local gardeners by requesting quotes here!

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Your garden plant questions answered

Got some concerns or questions about how you can figure out which garden plants you already have, when to water them, what to add to the soil and where to find new plants? Read on for information and inspiration.

What is this plant in my garden?

If you’ve moved into a new place with a brand new garden, you may not know exactly what’s in there. Perhaps you weren’t an avid gardener before, and are just getting into it. Here’s how to identify garden plants:

  • Download an app to help you (like PlantNet Plant Identification).
  • Use a website with categories like this one to help you to narrow it down.
  • Start by finding the category (cactus, grass, herb, etc).
  • Narrow down your search progressively until you find the exact match.
  • If you’re still unsure, talk to a neighbour, or better yet, a gardener.

When do my plants need watering?

If you want to know when to water garden plants, you’re in the right place. Here are some basic tips:

  • Do your research – different plants need different amounts of water at different times.
  • Plant similarly thirsty plants together (so you can do them all at once).
  • Don’t water too often – this leads to yellow leaves.
  • Keep the soil moist most of the time, though occasional dryness can promote root growth.
  • Water outdoor plants in the early morning or late evening.

garden plants

Here are some plant-specific recommendations: Tomatoes should be kept quite dry until flowering. Cucumbers should be watered daily. If you’re on a water shortage, use coarse mulches to keep moisture in. remember, the more you water, the larger the yields but the more diluted the taste of your crops will be.

Where can I find garden plants for borders/shade/winter?

The lay-out of your garden, location of your home and time of year all determine which plants you buy and where you put them. To source specific plants for specific problems, here’s what you need to do:

  • Observe your garden for shady and sunny areas and measure the areas for planting.
  • Look online to find suitable options, or ask a neighbour about their top tips.
  • Talk to a planting professional about plants’ specific needs before you buy.
  • If all else fails, talk to a gardener who will easily source the right plants for your needs.

garden plants

These days, you can find all the plants you need by searching online or in a garden centre. Many retailers sell specific plants together for particular purposes, such as borders or for shady areas.

For more advice, see our article on winter gardening.

How to find garden plants on the cheap

Garden plants aren’t all that expensive, but if you have a very tight budget, here are some tips for super low-cost plant buying:

  • Ask around the neighbourhood for free cuttings or bulbs (or offer to weed for them).
  • Visit the garden centre often to look for clearance sales – get on their mailing lists to do this easily.
  • Host a plant exchange with your friends or neighbours that garden.
  • Check the classified ads online (Craigslist, Gumtree, etc) and offline.

Find out which garden plants are cheapest and best by requesting quotes

Gardeners study and work for years to provide expert advice to people who don’t know their dahlias from their azaleas, and even to green thumbs who think they don’t need help. Request up to 5 quotes from experienced professionals who know their stuff. It’s obligation and cost-free, so why not try it out and save yourself some hassle!